Emirates Asset Management is committed to in depth independent quality research, and believes in the potential to generate competitive returns from the gained knowledge of research. With intelligently structured investments that are open to both national, international and expatriate investors, our asset management division offers a wide spectrum of investment solutions to appeal to our institutional, low net and high net worth clients and retail investors with superior risk-adjusted returns. EAM investment structure was created to allow their clients to benefit from opportunities that would not normally be available in the market to stand alone investors, giving them increased profitability, diversification and a high level of security.

All our Investors have the confidence of knowing that every EAM Investment offering has:


Emirates Asset Management differs from most in that it commits a minimum of 20% of the funds on any project it recommends to it clients. Rather than take on an advisory role we act as a lead partner and investor in all of our projects.

Due Diligence 

All opportunities offered by EAM have undergone a fully independent due diligence and research period to ensure the opportunity offers a safe haven for funds invested but most importantly offers long term performance prospects to our clients and us.


EAM has a wide range of experience across various markets. We are continually refining our investment process to unravel the complexity of world markets and achieve consistent performance in changing economic and market conditions.


Our investments have been structured and specially designed for both high and low net worth investors which are suitable and open to both national, international and expatriate investors.

Past Performance

EAM has a proven track record of past projects with client referrals and testimonials.

Tax Free

All of our investments are tax free.